I started insurance at a major carrier helping business & their employees find personalized benefits that fit their unique needs.

I came to the insurance industry with a corporate security background after working with some of the countries biggest companies. In that industry I helped secure company assets and investigate crimes & violations of company policies. Additionally I helped write some of the policies and procedures still used at these companies today relating to safety and security.

After leaving my first carrier position in insurance I tried working on the road but quickly realized that I did not just want to sell policies, I also wanted to service the accounts and help my clients. That is when I decided to become an independent agent. Being independent means that I do not work for one insurance company. I am able to shop for the best products with the best prices to fit your unique situation.
Working with RetireCo as an independent agent allows me access to shop over 400 carriers & over 14K policy options.

Why Pick me?

Well simply put in the insurance industry you typically have two types of agents. Captive and Independent. A captive agent only works with one carrier and will only sell you products from that company. An independent agent has the ability to shop around. Unfortunately there is nothing stopping an independent agent from shopping for a policy that is their best interest, not yours to get a higher commission or reward. I do not shop polices by commission, I shop by what I feel is in your best interest. My goal is to find you the best policy that I can in the hope that we build a great relationship and earn your continued business in other areas as needed.

Daniel Ditsch
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